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Hadar Bar Nir Law Firm is a leading firm in the field of commercial and business law, with over 15 years of experience. The firm specializes in legal consulting and representation in various areas of the business sector in Israel and worldwide.

The firm takes pride in its ability to provide high-quality legal services to a wide range of businesses in Israel and on the international stage. Understanding clients' needs and finding creative legal solutions is a top priority for the firm.

The firm is known for providing personalized service to each client and instilling peace of mind and confidence despite the complex legal challenges. You can rely on our firm as a trustworthy and professional partner that will address all the legal needs of your company or organization in the commercial and business domain.


"In the rapidly changing business world, a commercial lawyer is an integral part of the organization's success. They provide the necessary legal support at every stage along the way."

Hadar Bar Nir, Attorney at Law and Notary.

Mergers and acquisitions of corporations

Hadar Bar Nir Law Firm is a leading office specializing in mergers and acquisitions of both public and private corporations. We provide comprehensive and personalized legal consultancy to our clients throughout the complex processes of corporate acquisitions or mergers.

With over 15 years of rich experience in this field, we offer our clients the most advanced legal tools to ensure smooth and successful proceedings. Our dedicated and professional efforts aim to deliver impressive and rewarding results.

Throughout any corporate acquisition or merger process, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop a tailored work plan. Additionally, we conduct regulatory assessments and manage the intricate process of obtaining relevant approvals, as needed.


Our objective is to provide you with a comprehensive and professional legal framework while safeguarding your economic and legal interests. Our office maintains strong connections with additional experts, such as tax advisors, accountants, and market specialists, to ensure that the acquisition and merger processes are optimized for the given circumstances.


Foreign investments

In the global era we live in, foreign investments have become a central and crucial aspect of the business world. Foreign investments refer to investments made by a company or individual from outside the country where the business is located and are an exciting and efficient way to expand business activities.

Hadar Bar Nir Law Firm provides professional and high-quality consulting services in the field of foreign investments. With deep knowledge of international laws and extensive experience in handling complex cases, we assist our clients in managing successful and secure investment processes abroad.

In addition, our office offers additional services such as drafting investment agreements, representing clients before local authorities, and providing legal protection in cases of potential business collapse.

We carefully address various areas of foreign investments, including real estate investments, industrial investments, technology and innovation investments, stock market investments, and more. With an experienced and professional team, we deliver personalized service to our clients, emphasizing quality, speed, and safeguarding the client's economic interests.

Corporate and commercial consulting

Corporate and commercial consulting is a crucial tool that ensures growth and success in the dynamic and complex business world. In a reality where companies and organizations constantly face legal challenges, ongoing legal advice is of utmost importance. Continuous legal consultation can be obtained on a monthly or annual basis, providing a continuous legal security.

The firm provides legal advice in various areas:

Multidisciplinary consulting: Providing guidance and assistance in business law, labor law, drafting various contracts, intellectual property and trade rights, corporate matters, and more.

Contracts and agreements: Efficiently and personally drafting commercial contracts and agreements with suppliers and customers, tailored to the specific needs of the company or organization.

Company establishment and business management: Company registration and establishment, drafting partnership agreements and mergers, managing internal disputes related to management and business performance, and providing general assistance in all legal matters related to the corporate world.

Intellectual property and copyrights: Protection of copyrights, patent registration, trademarks, digital copyrights, trade secrets, and all matters related to intellectual property and copyrights.


Litigation: Representing companies and organizations in court, handling lawsuits and defenses, and assisting in managing ongoing legal cases for organizations.


Labor law

Hadar Bar Nir Law Firm specializes in labor law in the State of Israel. Labor law is a central area in the Israeli legal system that deals with the rights and obligations of employees and employers, as well as their legal relationships.

Labor law encompasses a wide range of topics, including employment contracts, wages and social conditions, working hours, leaves, labor relations, national insurance, compensation, dismissals, and more. In our office, we offer professional and personalized consulting services to both employees and employers, tailored to their specific needs.

Our team of experts understands labor laws and regulations and is capable of handling all types of legal processes related to employees and employers.

We promise our clients professional, caring, and prompt service while safeguarding their economic and legal interests. We are committed to providing the most advanced knowledge and advice in the field of labor law and standing by your side at every stage.

Non-profit organizations

Hadar Bar Nir Law Firm offers a wide range of legal services to non-profit organizations. Our office provides continuous and comprehensive legal consultation to non-profit organizations, addressing their legal and managerial needs at every stage of their establishment and operation.

The team at our firm has extensive experience in all matters related to non-profit organizations and assists, among other things, in merger and acquisition processes, executing domestic and international commercial transactions.

We specialize in establishing cooperatives and accompany founders throughout the process to successful completion. Additionally, we assist in resolving internal and external disputes within the non-profit organization and provide litigation services in a wide range of legal areas.

If you are managing or planning to establish a non-profit organization, we invite you to contact our office and receive top-notch legal services from the outset.


Notary services

At Hadar Bar Nir Law Firm, we provide professional notary services.

A notary handles the verification and authentication of documents, signatures, affidavits, and various declarations.

Our notary services at the office include, among others:

Document authentication - As notaries, we are authorized to authenticate various documents, such as statements, birth certificates, wills, legal agreements, contracts, and more.

Notary mailbox - We offer a notary mailbox service, where you can receive official legal mail and perform notarization of signatures and documents in the presence of a notary.

Official reporting - We can provide additional official reporting, such as reporting to the Tax Authority, reporting to the Population and Immigration Authority, and more.

Notary affidavits - We offer notary affidavit services for any legal purpose required, including affidavits in court, additional affidavits within a legal process, and more.

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